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Ex-CIA chief: No solution to EMP attack

posted Oct 30, 2013, 2:29 AM by Prep Experts
Hayden reports Obama administration ignoring major threat 

WASHINGTON – Contrary to the findings of a 2008 commission mandated by Congress to consider a defense against an electromagnetic pulse attack and its effects on the national grid, a retired Air Force general who also headed the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency says that there isn’t a solution to an EMP attack. 

Speaking before the Bipartisan Policy Center at a conference on the threats to the U.S. electrical grid, Michael Hayden also said the Obama administration has no plan to defend against an EMP. 

The conference, however, focused more on the impact of cyber attacks on the national grid. 

Experts say that protection against an EMP also would provide protection from a cyber attack. 

Hayden said the administration isn’t doing anything to come up with a solution, even though scientists have said that proper hardening of the national grid would mitigate an EMP either from a direct hit from a solar flare or a man-made high altitude nuclear detonation that would emit a ruinous pulse.