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Israel Threatens Syria Intervention Over Chemical Weapons

posted Oct 17, 2012, 7:48 AM by Prep Experts
October 17, 2012
It is reminiscent of the excuse given to invade Iraq in 2003 – Israel will consider the “military option” in Syria to make sure its chemical weapons do not “reach the hands of extremists,” according to the Times of Israel.
“Israel will do everything it takes to ensure Syria’s chemical weapons do not fall into the hands of terrorist organizations – and if such a situation arises, then Israel will weigh a military option,” Netanyahu told a group of European ambassadors in Jerusalem. He said Hezbollah has aided Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.
In August, rebels supported by the CIA and MI6 and funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar said they had seized Syrian weapons “that were converted to carry non-conventional warheads and which can be equipped with chemical or biological warheads.”