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First Aid - Emergency Medicine

In order to help our customers better prepare for and address accute medical issues during a potential crisis, we're happy to offer a broad range of emergency medical and first-aid equipment. Whether it be a minor scrape to a potentially life theatening gash, we offer trauma kits to fit all skill levels. Many survivalists types spend inordinate amounts of time, money, and energy focusing on personal security while neglecting one obvious and basic truth: firefights go both ways. Be prepared and live!
More to come on sanitation and antibiotics.
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Individual First-Aid Kits
G.L.S.C. Tactical IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) - Level I - $69.00
G.L.S.C. Tactical IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) - Level II - $109.00
First Responder Trauma Kits
80-Piece First Responder Kit - Jump Bag - $69.00
147-Piece First Responder Kit - On Call Kit - $99.00
Mobile Surgical Kits
16-item Minor Field Surgical Kit - $39.00
300-item Mobile Hospital Kit - $499.00