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Long-Term Storable Food

We offer a full range of long-term storable food from Wise Food Company.  Wise meals are packaged and prepared in the USA and are made from the highest quality natural ingredients. They are inspected and certified by the FDA and USDA.  The delicious Grab-and-Go Food Packs have up to a 25-year shelf life and require only boiling water to prepare. Preparedness Experts Group offers competitive pricing and will beat any advertised Wise Food price! 
The Meat and Poultry Supply Kit you see above is 100% freeze dried meat without any soy fillers. Each meal is individually packaged to feed a family of four. Packed with protein, it's perfect for a crisis situation or a weekend camping trip.
Gourmet Emergency Grab and Go Food Kits*
Gourmet Long-Term Food Supply Stocking Up Kits*
720-Serving Entree & Breakfast Package - $1,295.00
1080-Serving Entree & Breakfast Package - $1,995.00
1440-Serving Entree & Breakfast Package - $2,395.00
2160-Serving Entree & Breakfast Package - $3,695.00
2880-Serving Entree & Breakfast Package - $4,350.00
4320-Serving Entree & Breakfast Package - $6,495.00
* Subject to availability.  Advance notice required.