Local Resources & Training

The Prepardedness Experts Group is working within the Central Virginia area to advocate crisis- preparedness. Survivng isn't just about aquiring stuff, but applying skills that may require training. It is extremely important to surround yourself with like-minded people so when a disaster strikes neighbors can come together and rebuild a thriving community.



Frog Level Farm & Chicks Dairy -  located near Doswell, VA this sustainable farm offers a herd-share program so you can have the freshest and best quality food for your family too. 
Virginia Preppers Network -Commentary on prepping and survival in Virginia. Linking like-minded individuals together.
SurvivalBlog - This is the de facto home website for the emergency preparedness ("prepper") community. 
The American Red Cross- The Virginia Capital Region offers the fast facts in Emergency Prepardness from making an escape plan to building your "bug out bag". Along with professional diaster rescue Red Cross training this is a very compehensive and informative for every survivalist.
Henrico County- Henrico Emergency Management Office offers great resources for getting prepared for disasters and emergencies.  Be Ready Henrico!